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Crisp Dark Crystal (Crystal 400)

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The most intensely flavoured and coloured of our crystal malts, we move into a different arena on aroma with roasted/sweet coffee appearing and a slight burnt caramel note, good for full flavoured dark brown and ruby ales, stouts and porters

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Crisp Dark Malt

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Description: Speciality coloured malts are used by brewers the world over to control, adjust, emphasise and intensify the colour, mouthfeel and flavour characteristics of beer.

Crisp Malting Group can supply a full range of coloured products to your requirements from the lower coloured Cara Malts with their characteristic dry malty flavours, to the Crystal Malts associated with sweet caramel flavours and to the rich Chocolate and Black Malts and Roasted Barley associated with strong chocolate, coffee and astringent notes.


Moisture:   3.5% min
Colour:   420-480 EBC 

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