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Crisp Brown Malt

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Provides a smoothness to Porters and other dark beers

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Crisp Brown Malt

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Description: Roasted malts are produced from slightly higher nitrogen barley that has been through the whole of the normal malting process. The finished malt from the kiln will then be put in a roasting drum and be subjected to varying degrees of heat over different durations to create the different colours and flavour intensities for the brewer.

All roasted malts impart more malty depth than pale malts and as the colours increase the flavours and aromas go through malty, toasted, roasted to burnt. At the temperatures required to produce black malt and roasted barley, there is a fine line between colour development and the grains catching fire!


Moisture:  2.0% min
Colour:   120-150 EBC 

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