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Sodastream adapter


Sodastream adapter Ideal for a bbq or parties or the low volume user

Sodastream adapter


Use a Sodastream bottle to dispense/carbonate your kegs.

This is the ideal unit for the small user who only consumes up to a couple of kegs a month & is looking for cheap viable alternative to expensive bottle rental. It is also great for party keg set ups where portability and compact design is preferable.

This adaptor, unlike many inferior ones on the market, has been built with the correct threads to connect your regulator which should be a Type 30 Australina Standards type thread for CO2.

How long will you soda stream cylinder last?

A sodastream cylinder should contain about 330 grams of CO2 when it has been filled. If you are carbonating your beer then the carbonation process will consume approx 6-10 grams per litre of beer that you are carbonating. If you are dispensing your beer (at 100kPa), you will consume approx 6 grams per litre

So in total with a 330 gram cylinder you should be able to:

1. Carbonate and dispense about 20 - 27 Litres of beer


2. Dispense 55 Litres of beer

These figures are based on the ideal scenario and do not take into account leaks, or losses for purging/burping your kegs.

Using the Soda Stream Adapter

- Step 1 Screw the soda stream adapter onto your CO2 regulator firmly but do not over tighten.

- Step 2 Ensure the polyurethane seal is in the soda stream adapter so it pushes against the face of the soda stream cylinder. Attach your soda stream cylinder to the soda stream adapter. Do not over tighten. Over tightening could damage the soda stream cylinder valve. At this stage the high pressure gauge on your regulator gauge should rise.

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