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ESB Rice Liquid Malt Extract 1kg


ESB Brown Rice Malt Extract 1kg: This Product is Gluten Free

This is the freshest, cheapest way the buy top quality malt extract

ESB Brown Rice Malt Extract 1kg: As a grain-based syrup, it provides proteins and amino acids necessary for yeast nutrition, head retention and body along with color and flavor. Its unique flavor is quite mild, allowing it to be used in any recipe as a unique liquid adjunct to boost initial gravities while increasing overall brewing capacity. High Maltose can be used for 100% extract brewing to produce rice beer (sake) or use it with concentrated worts to produce almost any beer style. We know you love beer, but if you're a celiac or simply want to avoid gluten that used to pretty much mean the end of your beer drinking days. There simply was little to no gluten free beer being made due, in large part. to the lack of gluten free brewing ingredients.


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